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Melville Group sharply reduced taxable losses from pounds 18.9m to pounds 1.2m for the year to 30 June. LPS 3.15p (39.07p). No dividend.

Anglo Irish Bank achieved Ir pounds 9.25m (Ir pounds 6.4m) pre-tax profit in the year to 30 September. EPS 5.7p (4.36p). Final dividend is 2p, making 3.36p (same).

Year to 31 August

Cosalt reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 906,000 to pounds 232,000. Turnover pounds 69.2m (pounds 80.4m). LPS 2.7p (7.4p). Total dividend is 5.375p (10.75p).

Stratagem boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.2m (pounds 386,000). EPS 9.5p (2.7p). Total dividend held at 4.75p.

Six months to 30 September

Amber Industrial Holdings increased pre-tax profits to pounds 2.4m (pounds 1.5m). EPS 42.5p (20p). Dividend is 6p (5.5p).

Applied Holographics reduced taxable losses to pounds 60,000 (pounds 622,000). LPS 0.29p (3.1p). No dividend.

City of London PR lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 322,000 (pounds 212,000). EPS 3.17p (2.75p). Dividend is 1.27p (1.15p).

Foschini Limited, the South African-based chain store group, made R88.3m (R73.9m).

Sterling Industries, the light engineer, slipped to pounds 1.7m (pounds 1.9m) pre-tax profit. EPS 4.62p (4.37p). Dividend is 1.8p (1.5p).

Tex Holdings recovered to pounds 486,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 146,000). EPS 5.1p (LPS 1.6p). No dividend.