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Cater Allen lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 9.85m (pounds 7.2m) in the six months to 31 October, due to better trading conditions in gilt-edged securities. EPS 31p (21p). Dividend is 8p (7p).

John Foster & Son reduced taxable losses from pounds 1.7m to pounds 772,000 in the six months to 31 August. Loss per share 8.4p (16.9p). No dividend.

Year to 30 September

McLeod Russel Holdings made pounds 5.2m ( pounds 4.9m) pre-tax profits. EPS 7.54p (7.46p). Total dividend 6.1p (6p).

Tomkinsons edged up to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 1.05m) pre-tax profit. EPS 12.2p (10.3p). Total dividend 11.5p (same).

Six months to 30 September

Chloride Group made pounds 1.3m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 2.7m). EPS 0.1p (LPS 1.6p). No dividend.

Powell Duffryn eased to pounds 10.3m (pounds 10.4m) pre-tax profit, after charging pounds 3.9m for exceptional costs. Turnover pounds 355m (pounds 330.8m). EPS 8p (9.8p). Dividend is 6.6p (same).

GEI International fell to pounds 131,000 (pounds 1m) pre-tax profit. EPS 0.21p (1.31p). No dividend (2.47p).

Macdonald Martin made pounds 2.2m (pounds 2.7m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per 'A' and 'B' share are respectively 10.46p (13.08p) and 5.23p (6.54p). 'A' dividend 2.266p (2.2p) and 'B' 1.133p (1.1p).

Policy Portfolio advanced pre-tax profits to pounds 429,000 (pounds 370,000). Turnover rose to pounds 5.3m ( pounds 3.6m). EPS 4.3p (4.5p). Dividend 1.5p (nil).

Quadramatic's pre-tax profits dropped to pounds 1.6m (pounds 4.6m). EPS 5.5p (9.8p). Dividend 5.1p (9.2p).