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Half-year to 30 June

Ash & Lacy, perforated metal and storage tanks maker, fell to pounds 1.6m ( pounds 2m) pre-tax profit. EPS 3.77p (5.09p). Dividend held at 2.5p.

Helene, fashion wear and textiles merchant, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 975,000 ( pounds 812,000). EPS 0.56p (0.68p). Dividend held at 0.65p.

Horace Clarkson, the shipowner and broker, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2m ( pounds 1.5m). EPS 4.3p (3.5p). Dividend is 0.75p (0.5p).

Fairbriar, the property developer, reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 1.55 ( pounds 6.1m). LPS 8.13p (16.78p).

Carlisle, the property services group, halved pre-tax losses to pounds 337,000 ( pounds 707,000). No dividend.

Beauford, the engineering and industrial conglomerate, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 3.1m ( pounds 2.1m). LPS 3.75p (2.54p). No dividend.


BCE Holdings, the snooker/pool equipment maker, incurred pounds 56,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 54,000) in the year to 31 March. LPS 0.2p (EPS 0.2p). No dividend.

Norex, the ships and travel agency owner and oil and gas investor, achieved pounds 31.6m pre-tax profit (loss pounds 991,000) for the year to 30 June. Total dividend held at 2p.

Wescol Group, the building products and steel stockholder, climbed from pounds 2.5m taxable loss to pounds 30,000 pre-tax profit in the year to 30 July. EPS 0.6p (LPS 21.6p).

Betacom, the telecommunications products developer, bounced back to pounds 516,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 3.9m) for year to 30 June and not as stated yesterday.