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AF Bulgin & Co, the electrical and electronic components maker, reported a sharp increase in pre-tax profits from pounds 32,000 to pounds 280,000 in the six months to 31 July. Turnover rose from pounds 6.6m to pounds 7.8m. Earnings per share improved from 0.11p to 1p. No dividend.

Edinburgh Investment Trust has declared a dividend of 2.95p (2.85p) for the six months to 30 September. Net asset value per share rose to 322.5p (254.9p).

S Jerome & Sons, the textiles and electronics company, worked its way out of a pounds 9,000 taxable loss to pounds 25,000 pre-tax profit for the half-year to 30 June despite a 43 per cent drop in turnover from pounds 21.5m to pounds 12.2m. Low interest costs helped the return to profit. The company said margins were still under pressure but improvements in throughput were enabling fixed costs to be recovered. Earnings per share are 0.2p (LPS 0.08p). The company will make a 0.2p dividend payment on 10 December.

IMC Industries, the soft drinks company that has interests in video tapes, data marketing and in-flight entertainment systems, announced a 91 per cent jump in turnover to pounds 6.1m ( pounds 3.2m), but saw a marginal fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 378,000 to pounds 377,000 for the year to 30 April. The company said Alpine, the soft drinks operation, helped to maintain profits at their current levels by making a full year's contribution. Earnings per share eased from 0.18p to 0.17p. No dividend.

Venturi Investment Trust is to pay a 1.56p (1.46p) dividend for the six months to 30 September. Net asset value per share is 25.78p. Earnings per share improved to 1.84p (1.68p) on pounds 142,000 ( pounds 135,000) taxable revenue.