Company News in Brief

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Air London International, the air chartering broker, reported lower pre-tax profits of pounds 726,000 ( pounds 1.1m) in the year to 31 July. The company said a near 40 per cent drop in overseas business meant a fall in turnover from pounds 17.8m to pounds 15.2m last year. Earnings per share are 5.6p (8.1p). Final dividend is 1.9p.

Elbief, the leather goods, handbag frames and accessories maker, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 592,000 ( pounds 451,000) in the year to 30 April on sales of pounds 3.7m ( pounds 4.4m). Loss per share worsened to 4.3p (3p).

Yorklyde, the cloth and rugs maker, improved pre-tax profits to pounds 1.5m ( pounds 1.4m) in the six months to 31 July. Earnings per share are 10.2p (9.4p). Dividend is 2.2p (2p).

Ferguson International Holdings lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 35.2m ( pounds 4.7m) in the six months to 31 August. Earnings per share are 10.4p (9.3p). Dividend is held at 4.25p.

Safeland, the property trader and developer, boosted pre-tax profits from pounds 36,000 to pounds 345,000 in the six months to 30 September. Earnings per share are 1.25p (0.13p). Interim dividend is 0.6p (0.06p). Safeland also announced a one-for-three rights issue to raise pounds 1.58m for property acquisitions.

Half-year to 30 June

Chesterfield Properties more than doubled pre-tax profits from pounds 3.4m to pounds 7.8m. Earnings per share improved to 20.3p (5.48p). Interim dividend is 4p (3.5p).

Davenport Knitwear increased pre-tax profits to pounds 607,000 ( pounds 374,000) on higher turnover of pounds 4.5m ( pounds 3.5m). Earnings per share are 23.45p (14.46p). No dividend.

Jarvis, the building and civil engineering contractor, sharply reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 630,000 ( pounds 1.7m). Loss per share is cut to 2.8p (8.1p).

London & Metropolitan, the property group, has agreed with its bankers to restructure its capital arrangements with the aim of reducing debt liabilities. It incurred a pounds 3.4m ( pounds 4.4m) pre-tax loss. Loss per share was 5.6p (6.8p).