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Year to 31 March:

Umeco, pre-tax profit pounds 312,000 ( pounds 701,000). EPS 3.3p (9.0p). Final dividend 1p.

Walker & Staff Holdings, pre-tax profit pounds 610,000 ( pounds 389,000). EPS 18.5p (11.0p). Dividend 5p (3.3p).

Bromsgrove Industries, pre-tax profit pounds 7.1m ( pounds 8.9m). EPS 11p (14.8p). Final dividend 2.5p makes 4p (3.9p).

Adam & Harvey Group, pre-tax profit pounds 6.4m ( pounds 5.96m). EPS 69.9p. Final dividend 6p makes 11p.

New London, pre-tax profit dollars 5.04m (dollars 3.84m). EPS 3.5 cents (3.2 cents). No dividend (nil).


Grand Central Investment Holdings, pre-tax profits pounds 992,000 ( pounds 1.3m) in year ended 31 December, not pounds 92,000 as reported yesterday.

Debenham Tewson, pre-tax profit pounds 1.6m ( pounds 4.1m) y/e 30 April. EPS 2.76p (7.57p). Final dividend of 1p makes 2.5p (6p).

Dwyer, interim pre-tax loss pounds 731,000 (profit pounds 644,000). LPS 5.67p (LPS 0.34p). No dividend.

Barcom, half-way pre-tax profit pounds 45,000 (loss pounds 1.8m). EPS 0.2p (LPS 5.6p). No dividend (nil).

Beverley Group, pre-tax loss pounds 2.6m (profit pounds 941,000). LPS 8.11p (EPS 1.81p). No final dividend.

Greenwich Communications, first-half pre-tax loss pounds 92,000 (loss pounds 95,000). LPS 1.33p (1.36p).

Fyffes, interim pre-tax profit Ir pounds 12.5m (Ir pounds 9.4m). EPS 2.23p (2.22p). Interim dividend 0.3549p.