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Central Motor Auctions reported a 50 per cent fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 861,000 to pounds 432,000 in the six months to 30 April, affected by rising interest costs and lower property disposals as well as a lower income from auctioning car registration numbers on behalf of the Government. The interim dividend stays at 1p.

Borland International, the US based application software company quoted in the UK, produced a net income of dollars 1.7m (dollars 11.9m) for the first quarter ended 30 June.

Fleming Overseas Investment Trust's net asset value fell from 239.6p to 214.8p in the year to 30 June. Final dividend is 2.5p, making 4p (same).

Clayhithe incurred pounds 548,000 pre-tax loss (profit pounds 1.6m) in the year to 31 March. Final dividend is 1.75p, making 2.5p (6p).

Abtrust Scotland & Investment Co's net asset value improved to 32.2p (30.6p). Final dividend is 0.6p (0.55p) for the year to 31 May.

Fleming Claverhouse Investment Trust's net asset value grew to 337.1p (336.3p) per share in the six months to 30 June. Interim dividend is held at 5p.

Northunbrian Fine Foods fell to pounds 155,000 ( pounds 264,000) pre-tax profit in the year to 31 March, despite doubling turnover from pounds 7.9m to pounds 15.9m. Total dividend is 0.75p (1.75p).

Radius fell to pounds 525,000 ( pounds 801,000) in the 26 weeks to 31 May. Interim dividend is held at 0.9p.

St Modwen Properties maintained pre-tax profits at pounds 1m in the six months to 31 May. No dividend.