Company News in Brief

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Year to 31 March:

Mitie Group reported a pre-tax profit of pounds 1.8m (pounds 1.2m). EPS 11.6p (11.1p). A final dividend of 1.5p makes 2.75p (2p).

Eliza Tinsley Group announced a pre-tax profit of pounds 510,000 (pounds 830,000) after exceptional cost of pounds 342,000 (nil). EPS 4.72p (8.02p). A final dividend of 3.4p makes 5.2p (5.2p).

Hadleigh Industries suffered a pre-tax loss of pounds 1.15m (pounds 1.76m profit). LPS 8.7p against EPS of 17.2p. No final dividend.


Brown & Jackson's first figures since the recent rescue and capital reconstruction had the Poundstretcher stores group reporting pre-tax profits of pounds 1.75m for the six months to 31 March. EPS were 0.5p, but there will be no dividend. Nor is there likely to be at the year-end, the company says. The figures are not comparable with last year's interims because of a change in reporting periods and the seasonality of the business.

Aukett Associates reported a first-half pre-tax loss of pounds 1.16m compared with a profit of pounds 740,000 after an exceptional charge of pounds 586,000 (nil). LPS 7.31p against EPS 3.42p. No interim dividend.

YRM made taxable profit of pounds 1.37m in the year to 30 April (pounds 1.99m). EPS 5.78p (9.35p). Final dividend of 2.35p makes 4p (5p).

Murray Smaller Markets Trust made a pre-tax profit of pounds 3.79m (pounds 4.24m) for the year to 31 May 1992. EPS 4.62p (5.27p). The final dividend is 2.75p, making 4p (3.75p). NAV 295.3p (276.1p).

Temple Bar Investment Trust first-half pre-tax profit pounds 5.88m (pounds 5.63m). EPS adjusted 7.501p (7.134p), basic 7.642p (7.248p). Interim dividend is held at 4.5p.

Black Land Oil reported a pre-tax loss of pounds 278,379 (pounds 64,759 loss) for the year to 31 December 1991. LPS 5.28p (0.7p).

Allied Textiles saw first-half pre-tax profits slip from pounds 6.51m to pounds 5.21m. EPS 12.38p (15.71p). The interim dividend is increased to 4.5p from 4.4p.

Scottish National Trust has declared a third interim dividend on the income shares of the company in respect of the year to 30 September 1992 of 2.1p net (2.1p).