Company News in Brief

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Arnotts, which operates department stores, fell to pounds 1m (pounds 1.2m) in the half-year to 31 July. Interim dividend is held at 2.25p.

Church and Company, the footwear group, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 14,000 to pounds 244,000 in the half-year to 30 June. Interim dividend is held at 3p.

A Jones & Sons reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 26,000 (pounds 117,000) in the first half. No dividend.

Mayflower Corporation, the textiles and financial services group, boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.6m ( pounds 12,000) in six months to 30 June. Dividend is 0.4p.

Primadona's net asset value per share improved to 181p (173p) 30 June year-end. Final is 2.5p, making 4.5p (same).

Scottish Eastern Investment Trust's net asset value fell to 62.8p (70.7p) as at the half year ended 31 July. Dividend was raised to 0.5p (0.46p).

County Smaller Companies Investment Trust declared a final dividend of 1.875p, making 3p for the 10 months to 30 June. Net asset value is 93.63p.

Murray Income Trust is paying a final dividend of 4p, making 10.6p for half-year to 30 June. Net asset value per share is 260.3p (254.4p).

Cannon Street Investments incurred pounds 21.5m pre-tax loss (profit pounds 2.8m) in the half-year to 30 June.

New Guernsey Securities fell to pounds 12.6m ( pounds 19.7m) pre-tax profit in first half. Net asset value is 91.2p (89p).