Company News in Brief

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Half year to 30 June

Sykes-Pickavant Group, hand tool maker and engineer, improved pre-tax profits to pounds 402,000 (pounds 302,000). Interim dividend held at 2.25p.

Anglo Pacific Resources incurred pounds 147,000 pre-tax loss (profit pounds 114,000). No dividend.

BLP Group climbed from pounds 261,000 pre-tax loss to pounds 1,000 pre-tax profit.

Aran Energy fell to Ir pounds 38,000 (Ir pounds 203,000) pre-tax profit.

Betacom incurred pounds 3.3m pe-tax loss (profit pounds 129,000).

Bostrom, the precision components engineer, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 796,000 (pounds 736,000). Interim dividend is held at 2.5p.

J O Walker & Co reduced pre-tax losses to pounds 162,000 (loss pounds 294,00). No dividend.

E W Fact made pounds 482,000 (pounds 526,000) pre-tax profit on a slight fall in turnover to pounds 2.35m (pounds 2.4m). Interim dividend is raised to 1.6p (1.21p).

Culver Holdings made pounds 122,000 (pounds 130,000) pre-tax profit. Dividend is 0.1p.

Corporate Services Group, the oil, gas and property managers, cut pre-tax loss to pounds 466,000 loss (pounds 526,000). No dividend.

Beradin Holdings rose to pounds 167,000 (pounds 56,000) pre-tax profit.

Ramco Oil Services rose to pounds 250,000 (pounds 225,000) pre-tax profit. No dividend.

El Oro Mining & Exploration Co eased to pounds 779,000 (pounds 1.1m) pre-tax profit. No dividend.

Exploration Co fell to pounds 967,000 (pounds 1.3m) pre-tax profit.

Cluff Resources fell to pounds 802,000 (pounds 1.1m) pre-tax profit.

Year to 30 June

Lincat Group advanced to pounds 810,000 (pounds 708,000) pre-tax profit. Final dividend is 3.3p, making 5.1p (same).

Unigroup, the timber, building and textile products concern, fell sharply to pounds 104,000 (pounds 1.3m) pre-tax profit. No dividend.

Norex dived to pounds 1.8m (pounds 9.6m) pre-tax profit. Dividend is held at 2p.

Year to 31 March

Tuskar Resources deepened taxable losses to Ir pounds 30.8m (Ir pounds 8.3m). No dividend.

Prior deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 5.2m (loss pounds 1.1m). No dividend.