Company News in Brief

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Year to 31 July

Bridport-Gundry, maker of netting and woven products, slipped to pounds 751,000 ( pounds 785,000) pre-tax profit. Final dividend is 2.6p, making 4.1p (4.1p).

Pressac Holdings, electronic products maker, held pre-tax profits at pounds 1.8m. Final dividend is 1.65p, making 2.4p (2.36p).

Pacific Horizon IT's net asset value per share was 26.26p, down from 35.52p previously. Total dividend fell to 0.14p (0.729p).

Half-year to 30 June

British Syphon Industries, the engineering group engaged in the processing of polymer and the merchanting of packaging materials, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3m ( pounds 2.7m). Dividend is 2p.

Marshall's Universal advanced to pounds 997,000 ( pounds 753,000) pre-tax profit, after trading profits rose 31 per cent to pounds 1.04m ( pounds 795,000).


Bradford Property Trust lifted the dividend payout for the six months to 30 September to 2.4p (2.2p) after pre-tax profits improved from pounds 11.2m to pounds 11.8m.

Colorgen, the USM-quoted colour matching specialist, boosted pre-tax profits to dollars 928,000 (dollars 378,000) in the year to 30 June.

Newton Mill made pounds 16,000 ( pounds 23,000) pre-tax profit in the half-year to 30 June.

New Frontiers Development Trust's net asset value per share was 61.6p (62.8p) at the end of the year to 30 September. Final dividend is held at 0.25p.

Warnford Investments held the dividend at 2.75p for the six months to 24 June. Pre-tax profits fell to pounds 3.7m ( pounds 4.2m).

AB Electronic Products Group has agreed to sell its Swansea Industrial Components subsidiary, which makes electrical wiring harnesses for the computer, automotive, domestic appliance and entertainment industries, together with land, to Thomas Layton Roberts for a total of pounds 2.74m.

Abaca Group has gone into administrative receivership to try to come to an arrangement with its creditors and shareholders to allow the company's USM-quoted shares to resume trading.