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Half-year to 30 June

Bertam Holdings, the palm oil, rubber plantations and property developer based in Malaysia, fell to pounds 354,000 ( pounds 418,000) pre-tax profit, depressed by a downturn in palm oil production. Group turnover eased from pounds 605,000 to pounds 598,000. No dividend.

Blystad Group, the onshore and offshore drilling contractor, plunged from pounds 579,000 pre-tax profit into pounds 4.6m taxable loss.

Jackson Group, the industrial services group, reversed taxable losses of pounds 292,000 to make pre-tax profits of pounds 386,000, aided by the sale of investment property for pounds 5m. No dividend.

Lendu Holdings, involved in cotton, sheep and cereal farming in Australia, climbed back from pounds 174,000 pre-tax loss to pounds 46,000 pre-tax profit.

Castle Mill International, maker and importer of fashion merchandise, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 948,000 ( pounds 913,000).

Ralston Investment Trust's net asset value per share fell to 58.2p (64.9p). Dividend held at 0.725p.

Six months to 31 August

Goldsmiths Group, the multiple jewellery retailer, cut pre-tax losses from pounds 2.1m to pounds 1.9m, helped by a higher turnover of pounds 18.3m ( pounds 16.4m). No dividend (1.5p).

Abtrust New Thai Investment Trust's net asset value per share was little changed at 68.48p (68.79p). No dividend.


Shiloh, the yarn spinning, healthcare products and packaging company, held the dividend payment at 0.875p for the six months to 3 October despite a 42 per cent fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 380,000 to pounds 201,000. Pressure on margins squeezed operating profits to pounds 232,000 ( pounds 381,000).

Securities Trust of Scotland's net asset value per share stood at 70.4p (77p) at the end of the six months to 30 September. The interim dividend payment is held at 1.08p.

Majedie Investments' net asset value per share fell to 338p (348p) at the end of the year to 30 September. Total dividend is 9.5p (9p).