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Year to 30 September

Sage Group, the business software developer and computer stationery supplier, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 6.6m to pounds 8.85m on the back of a 36 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 27.3m (pounds 20m). It is paying a 6p final dividend, making a higher total of 9.02p (8.05p).

Chiltern Radio, the independent radio broadcaster, announced a pounds 392,000 loss (profit pounds 114,000). No dividend (2p).

Six months to 30 September

Mansfield Brewery, the licensed premises owner and retailer, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 6.7m (pounds 6.4m). Interim dividend is 4.4p (4p).

Campbell and Armstrong, the office and shop fittings and industrial furniture maker, shifted a pounds 849,000 taxable loss to make pounds 30,000 pre-tax profit, despite a fall in sales to pounds 25.5m (pounds 31.4m). No dividend (0.1p).

Atkins, maker of hosiery, leisure and underwear, pulled itself from pounds 268,000 loss to make pounds 16,000 pre-tax profit. Dividend is held at 3.6p.

Avesco, which provides equipment for the multi-media industry, fell to pounds 23,000 (pounds 147,000) pre-tax profit. No dividend (0.5p).

Bogod, the sewing machines and parts group, edged ahead to pounds 105,000 (pounds 102,000) pre-tax profit. Interim dividend is held at 0.1p.

Safeland, the property trader and redeveloper, sank from pounds 81,000 to pounds 36,000 pre-tax profit. Turnover rose from pounds 3.3m to pounds 6m. It cut the dividend to 0.06p (0.14p).

Umeco, which makes equipment for the aerospace industry, eased from pounds 68,000 to pounds 53,000 pre-tax profit. Dividend is held at 0.75p.


Ossory Estates, the property investor and developer, plunged deep into pre-tax losses of pounds 41.6m (profit pounds 7.15m) in the year to 30 June. No dividend.

Archimedes Investment Trust is to pay a 16p final dividend, making 25p (23.5p) for the year to 31 October. However, net asset value per share has fallen from 576.02p to 469.55p.

M&G Second Dual Trust is to pay 13.19p per income share for the six months to 30 November. Net asset value per share is 452.77p.