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Adscene Group, the printer, publisher and distributor of free and local paid-for newspapers, magazines and leaflets, increased pre-tax profits from £1.4m to £2.1m in the six months to 30 November. Turnover jumped to £11.5m (£7.5m). Earnings per sh are climbed to 8.55p (6.15p). The dividend rose to 3p (2.5p).

BCE Holdings, the amusement centre operator and maker of snooker and pool equipment, slightly reduced taxable losses to £157,000 (£162,000) in the six months to 30 September. Turnover fell to £1.7m (£1.8m). Loss per share is 0.4p (0.58p).

Excalibur Group, the precision engineer and maker of jewellery and giftware, maintained pre-tax profits at £1m in the six months to 31 October, supported by better turnover of £29.8m (£25.4m). EPS 1.2p (1.5p). Dividend 0.3p (0.25p).

Fleming American Investment Trust is paying 1.3p final dividend, making 1.7p total for the year ended 31 December. Pre-tax revenue increased to £2.9m (£2.1m). Net asset value per share 299.78p (326.70p).

Games Workshop, maker of table-top war games systems, lifted pre-tax profits to £2.5m (£1.9) in the six months to 27 November, benefiting from a 41 per cent jump in pre-tax profits to £14.9m (£10.6m). Earnings per share 5.5p (4.4p). Dividend 1.5p.

Union Square, the property investment firm, boosted pre-tax profits from £73,000 to £1.65m in the six months to 30 September after more than doubling turnover from £957,000 to £2.4m. EPS 0.86p (0.04p). No dividend.