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Year to 31 March:

Atreus reported pounds 977,000 taxable loss (profit pounds 418,000). LPS 1.86p (EPS 0.67p). Total dividend is 0.25p (0.7p).

ML Holdings pre-tax profit pounds 5.75m (pounds 5.2m). EPS 3p (2.9p). Total dividend 1.25p (0.85p).

Photobition profits pounds 1.8m pre-tax (pounds 1.1m). EPS 15p (10.7p). Total dividend 3.6p (nil).

Tops Estates pre-tax profits pounds 2.5m (pounds 2.3m). EPS 3.88p (4.41p). Total dividend 2.32p (2.26p).

Yates Wine Lodges lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 5.1m (pounds 3.4m). EPS 9.6p (7.4p). Total dividend is 3p (2.53p).

Six months to 31 March

Allied Radio taxable losses pounds 279,000 (pounds 364,000) in the six months to 31 March. LPS 0.1p (0.3p) No dividend.

Security Services' pre-tax profits pounds 35.1m (pounds 26m); turnover up from pounds 364.8m to pounds 456.6m. EPS 21p (17.4p). Divided is 1.89p (1.69p).


Vega Group surged to pounds 2.9m (pounds 2.1m) pre-tax profits in the year to 30 April. EPS 13.49p (10.01p). Total dividend is 4.2p (3.115p).