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Year ended 31 December

Brent International produced higher pre-tax profits of £8m (£7.1m). Total dividend is 4.2p (4p).

Canadian Pizza dropped to £2.3m (£3.2m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 9.4p (12.9p). Final dividend is 3.6p, making 6p (5.9p).

CRH lifted pre-tax profits to Ir£116m (Ir£76.5m). EPS 26.41p. Final dividend is 5.6p, making 8.1p (7.23p).

Independent Insurance rose to £23m (£15.8m) pre-tax profits. Total dividend is 9.5p (8.25p).

Maid lifted pre-tax profits to £1.3m (£603,000). EPS 1.14p (0.69p). No dividend.

Microvitec advanced to £2.6m (£1.6m) pre-tax profit. EPS 3p (2.1p). Total dividend is 0.4p.

Partco Group jumped to £6.2m (£3.8m) pre-tax profits. EPS 16.6p. Total dividend 6.2p (5.4p).

Parity Group boosted pre-tax profits to £4.2m (£600,000). EPS 7.2p. Total dividend is increased to 1.75p (1.5p).

TDG rose to £33.9m (£26.9m). Total dividend is held at 9.5p.

Six months to 31 December

My Kinda Town doubled pre-tax profits to £1.3m (£676,000). Maiden dividend is 0.1p.

SWP incurred £509,000 taxable loss after a year-earlier profit of £105,000. Lps 1.4p (EPS 0.3p). No dividend.

Thorntons held pre-tax profits at £9.6m. Dividend 1.5p (1.45p).