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Year ended 31 December

BPP Holdings edged ahead to £6.9m (£6.3m) pre-tax profit. EPS 15.4p (13.2p). Final dividend is 6.5p, making 9.6p (8.8p).

Candover Investments is paying 8.1p dividend, making a total of 12.25p (11p). NAV 377p (310p).

Doeflex's pre-tax profits rose 50 per cent to £1.8m (£1.2m). EPS 12.45p (8.83p). Final dividend is 3.7p, making 5.3p (4.6p).

Greggs lifted pre-tax profits to £12m (£9m) on turnover up from £110.4m to £167.8m. EPS 71p (53p). Final dividend is 16p, making 23p (18p).

Hibernian Group made Ir£5.6m (Ir£47.4m) pre-tax profit. EPS 9.2p (59.7p). Final dividend is 5.4p, making 7.9p.

ISA International lifted pre-tax profits to £4.8m (£4.3m). EPS 8.2p (7.4p). Final dividend is 1.295p, making 1.9p (1.65p).

JIB Group increased pre-tax profits to £24.4m (£21.8m) on turnover of £226.2m (£213.7m). EPS 11.5p (11.4p). Dividend is 2.5p, making 7.5p (same).

Mallett improved pre-tax profits to £1.2m (£1m). EPS 5.9p (5.27p). Final dividend is 2.65p, making 3.4p (3p).

Mayborn Group pushed pre-tax profits up to £4.9m (£4.2m). EPS 16.3p (14.3p). Final dividend is 4.4p, making 6.4p (5.7p).

Perkins Foods increased pre-tax profits to £19.7m (£15.7m). EPS 8p (6.3p). Final dividend is 2.7p, making 4.45p (same).

Persimmon pre-tax profits rose to £25.2m (£18.6m) as turnover grew to £206.2m (£169.2m). EPS 15.7p (13.6p). Final dividend 6.5p, making 9.5p.

Radius reversed from £1.2m taxable loss to £1.45m pre-tax profit. EPS 3.45p (Lps 2.97p). Total dividend is 1.05p (0.45p).

Singer & Friedlander fell to £26.6m (£34.4m) pre-tax profit. EPS 9.57p (13.18p). Final dividend is 3.5p, making 3.5p (3p).

Scotia Holdings reduced taxable losses from £6.35m to £3.6m. LPS is cut to 5.8p (12.5p).

United Carriers Group rose to £1.8m (£1.7m) pre-tax profit. Eps 5.4p (5.3p). Total dividend is maintained at 4.9p.

Six months to 31 December

Cala boosted pre-tax profits to £2m (£337,000). EPS 3.09p (0.63p). Dividend is 1.1p (0.9p).

Domestic & General returned higher pre-tax profits of £5m (£4.5m). EPS 47.09p (43.51p). Dividend is 10.36p (9.25p).

European Leisure climbed to £1.7m pre-tax profit (loss £344,000). EPS 0.22p (LPS 0.89p). No dividend.


Kleinwort Development Fund is to maintain the dividend payout for the six months to January at 2.75p. Net asset value per share rose to 460.4p (410.8p).