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Northern Leisure improved pre-tax profits from £1.03m to £1.63m in the six months to 26 February. Earnings per share were 3.7p (3.4p). Interim dividend is 2p (nil).

Year ended 31 December

Lambert Howarth lifted pre-tax profits from £1.4m to £1.7m. EPS 13p (12.5p). Dividend total 7.1p (6.875p).

Church & Co taxable profits up 30 per cent to £4.2m. EPS 26p (17.4p). Dividend 13.75p (13p).

Steel Burrill Jones made taxable profits of £7.51m against a £521,000 loss. EPS 10.77p (loss 1.27p). Final dividend held at 6p.

Charles Baynes increased pre-tax profits from £8.2m to £12.7m. EPS 4.63p (3.71p). Dividend 2p (1.65p).

Emess saw pre-tax profits rise from £4m to £6.4m. EPS 2.5p (1.5p). Dividend held at 0.1p.

Try made a profit of £620,000 before tax, against a £2.17m loss. EPS 0.8p (loss 5.11p). Dividend is 1p (0.5p).