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Laws Group pre-tax profits rose to Ir£3.5m (Ir£2m) in the six months to 31 January. Dividend Ir1.265p.

Stylo surged to £6.5m (£2.6m) pre-tax profit for the year to 31 January. EPS 17.24p (8p). Dividend is 7p (2.67p).

Year ended 31 December

Boxmore lifted pre-tax profits to £7.05m (£4.4m). EPS 19.9p (16p). Total dividend 4.48p (4p).

Brooks Service jumped to £709,000 (£323,000) pre-tax profit. Total dividend 2.25p (1.5p).

Clinical Computing incurred £688,000 taxable loss (profit £1.1m). LPS 4.3p (EPS 9.07p).

CLS Holdings turned around from £2.3m taxable loss to £12.2m profit. Total dividend is 3.35p.

Dagenham Motors rose to £4.1m (£2.35m) pre-tax profit. Total dividend 7p (6.25p).

JBA Holdings' pre-tax profits grew to £6.1m (£4.6m). EPS 12.13p. Total dividend 3.3p (2.4p).

Malaya Group made £617,000 pre-tax profit (loss £378,000). EPS 0.6p. Total dividend is 0.4p.

Owen & Robinson slumped to £8.1m taxable loss (profit £111,000) in the year to 31 January. LPS 32.93p (EPS 0.48p).

Trafficmaster deepened taxable losses to £1.3m (£845,000). LPS 6.5p (6.2p). No dividend.

Six months to 31 December

Allied London Properties edged pre-tax profits ahead to £5.9m (£5.75m). Dividend held at 1.18p.

Pittencrieff made £1m pre-tax profit. EPS 1.82p. No dividend.

Sunset & Vine edged ahead to £278,000 (£265,000) pre-tax profit. Dividend is held at 1.5p.