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David Brown Group, the specialist engineers, lifted pre-tax profits to £12.5m (£10.8m) in the year to 31 January. Turnover rose to £125.7m (£86.5m). Earnings per share were 14.9p (14.1p). Final dividend is 4.65p, making a total of 6.9p, up from 6.4p.

Year ended 31 December

Blockleys, the building products maker, announced a decline in pre-tax profits to £341,000 (£419,000). Turnover grew to £10.9m (£9.2m). Earnings per share were 0.91p (1.04p). Final dividend is 0.4p, making 0.8p (1p).

Clydeport, provider of port services to river and estuary users, more than doubled pre-tax profits to £5.6m (£2.45m). Turnover improved to £15.9m (£11.85m). Earnings per share 11.16p (5.63p). Final dividend is 1p, making a total for the year of 3.51p.

Dolphin Packaging, the plastic packaging producer, slipped to £2.2m (£2.5m) pre-tax profit on sales that were marginally better at £26.9m (£26.3m). The final dividend is 2.8p, making a total unchanged at 4.5p.

Rugby Estates, the property company, climbed to £2.4m (£2m) pre-tax profit. Turnover was slightly ahead at £10.2m (£9.3m). Earnings per share were 11.4p (26.38p). Final dividend is 1.38p, making a total of 2.07p.

Sherwood Group, which makes children's wear, undergarments and yarns, turned in lower pre-tax profits of £15.1m (£18.5m), despite showing an increase in sales to £166.1m (£152.3m). Earnings per share were 7.9p (10.7p). The final dividend is 2.05p, making a higher total of 3.2p (2.9p).