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Greenacre Group, which owns and operates care homes for the elderly, edged pre-tax profits ahead to £1.9m (£1.7m) for the year to 31 January. Earnings per share are 0.78p (0.73p). Total dividend is 0.18p (0.35p).

James Halstead, maker and supplier of industrial flooring, trailers, security cabins and outdoor clothing, announced improved pre-tax profits of £4.7m (£4.5m) in the six months to 31 December. Earnings per share grew to 10.49p (10.16p). Interim dividend is 3p (2.75p).

Year ended 31 December

British Dredging, the marine dredger and supplier of building products, lifted pre-tax profits to £2.1m (£1.9m) as turnover rose to £38m (£36m). Earnings per share are 8.34p (7.91p). Total dividend is held at 5.6p.

BLP Group, which makes wood laminates and veneers, slashed pre-tax profits by a £1m to £1.3m in spite of a rise in sales to £30m (£27.9m). Earnings per share are 12.2p (0.6p). Total divided is 3p (1p).

Britannia Group, the builder and developer, turned around from £503,000 taxable loss to £1.7m pre-tax profit. Earnings per share are 5.3p (3.9p). Total dividend is 1.6p (nil).

James Crean, the industrial holding company, reported higher pre-tax profits of Ir£15m (Ir£14.2m). EPS Ir19.7p (same). Total dividend is 14.175p.

Dinkie Heel, which makes components for footwear manufacturing and repair industries, slipped to £585,000 (£649,000) pre-tax profit. EPS 3.47p (3.84p). Total dividend is held at 1.4p.

Severfield-Reeve, the structural steelworks designer and fabricator, soared to £722,000 (£407,000) pre-tax profit on turnover up from £21.7m to £26.6m. EPS increased to 3.07p (2.19p). Total dividend is 1p (0.5p)