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Abbeycrest, jewellery manufacturer and distributor, revealed higher pre-tax profits of £2.05m (£1.8m) for the year ended 31 December. Turnover climbed to £64.7m (£51.8m). EPS 6p (5.2p). Final dividend is 2.4p, to give a total 3.6p.

Anglo Irish Bank lifted pre-tax profits to Ir£8.5m (Ir£6.2m) in the six months to 31 March. EPS 2.63p (2.6p). Interim dividend is 2.63p (2.6p).

Hartlepools Water surged to £2.65m (£1.5m) pre-tax profit in the year to 31 March. Turnover edged ahead to £5.9m (£5.5m). EPS 24.6p (14.3p). Final dividend is 4.1p, making 6.5p (6p) for the year.

PWS Holdings, insurance and reinsurance brokers, turned around from £446,000 taxable loss to £342,000 pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 March, despite a drop in turnover to £6.6m (£7.1m). EPS 0.6p (LPS 0.5p). Interim dividend is 0.25p.

Raglan Properties, a property investor and trader, announced a three- fold increase in pre-tax profits from £1.6m to £5.65m for the year to 31 March. Turnover improved to £19.8m (£13.2m). EPS 3.33p (2.73p). Total dividend is 1p.

UPF Group, producers of vehicle chassis frames, achieved higher pre-tax profits of £2.6m (£1.7m) in the six months to end February on turnover of £23.5m (£20.7m) . EPS 6.41p (5.4p). Interim dividend is 1.5p.

Westbury, the housebuilder, announced a 52 per cent rise in pre-tax profits to £12.6m (£8.3m) for the year to 28 February. Turnover grew to £169.2m (£152.1m). EPS 12.7p (9p). Dividend is 3.85p, making 5.75p.