Company News in Brief

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Time Products, the watch manufacturer and jewellery distributor, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 9.25 (pounds 7.6m) for the year ended 31 January. Turnover eased to pounds 49.6m (pounds 51.1m). Earnings per share are 12.6p (9.74p). Final dividend is 5.2p, making 7.95p (7.5p).

Jessups fell to pounds 160,000 (pounds 189,000) pre-tax profit in six months to 28 February. Loss per share 0.96p (0.24p). Interim dividend held at 1.5p.

Frederick Cooper has agreed to buy Spectra, a coil coating business in Florida, for dollars 6.78m (pounds 4.4m).

Whitbread Investment Company has declared a higher dividend payout of 16.5p (15p) for the year to 31 March. Net asset value per share at 31 March was up at 683.42p (675.6p).

Year ended 31 December

REA Holdings' pre-tax profits declined to pounds 619,000 (pounds 883,000). Earnings per share 4.3p (4.1p). Total dividend is held at 4p.

Oriel Group incurred pounds 74,000 pre-tax loss (profit pounds 2.4m). Loss per share is 5.8p (earnings 11p). Total dividend is held at 5p.

Six months to 31 March

J Bibby & Sons reported a sharp fall in pre-tax profit to pounds 6.45m (pounds 17.3m). Earnings per share slumped to 2.06p (9.16p). Dividend is 2p (2.85p).

Tomkinsons rose to pounds 430,000 (pounds 384,000) pre-tax profit. Interim dividend is held at 3.5p.