Company News in Brief

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Baris Holdings, supplier of fire protection materials and systems, has cut pre-tax losses to pounds 351,000 ( pounds 948,000) for the year to 28 February. Earnings per share amounted to 0.2p (loss 13.3p). No dividend (2p).

Chamberlin and Hill, maker of domestic iron castings and fittings, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.6m ( pounds 1.4m) for the year to 31 March. Earnings per share were 16.07p (15.28p). Final dividend is 4.5p, making 6.25p (6p).

Year ended 31 December

El Oro Mining & Exploration Co, the investment dealer, is paying an unchanged dividend of 24p on group income of pounds 2.2m ( pounds 1.9m). Earnings per share 30.53p (25.41p).

Exploration Co, the investment company, advanced to pounds 2.5m ( pounds 2.1m) pre- tax profits. Earnings per share 14.6p (11.7p). Total dividend held at 12p.

Frank G Gates, the motor dealer, made pounds 886,000 ( pounds 1.3m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 3.65p (4.85p). Total dividend is held at 2.25p.

Six months to 31 March

Acatos & Hutcheson, the edible oils processor, achieved pounds 5.1m ( pounds 4.2m) pre-tax profits. Earnings per share 10.4p (9p). Dividend is 3p (2.5p).

Baggeridge Brick, the building materials supplier, cut pre-tax profits from pounds 761,000 to pounds 383,000. Earnings per share 0.65p (1.29p). The dividend is held at 0.75p.