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Ferraris, the engineering group, which recently changed its name from Stainless Metalcraft, advanced pre-tax profits from pounds 77,000 to pounds 251,000 in the six months to 28 February. Turnover improved from pounds 4.8m to pounds 5.4m. Earnings per share rose to 2.4p (0.7p). Interim dividend is 0.75p (nil).

North American Gas Investment Trust's net asset value per share increased from 58.32p to 101.68p at the end of the nine months to 30 April. No dividend (1.125p). Taxable revenue slipped to pounds 658,000 ( pounds 676,000).

Worth Investment Trust maintained the total dividend payout at 0.1p for the year to 31 March. Net asset value per share of 26.7p compares with 25.2p for the previous year.

Year to 31 January

Daks Simpson, the men and women's clothing manufacturer, made pounds 214,000 pre-tax profit on turnover of pounds 65.5m. Earnings per share are 2.86p. It has passed the dividend.

Six months to 31 March

Albion, which makes and distributes tailored menswear, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 338,000 to pounds 508,000. Turnover rose 23 per cent to pounds 9.1m ( pounds 7.4m). Earnings per share improved to 9.6p (5.6p). Interim dividend is 1.6p, up from 1.2p.

Richards, the yarn spinner and manufacturer of carpets, linen and clothes, reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 1.9m to pounds 326,000. Loss per share was cut to 0.63p (5.97p). Interim dividend is held at 1.07p.