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BCE Holdings, maker of snooker and pool equipment and operator of amusement centres, increased taxable losses from pounds 56,000 to pounds 796,000 for the year to 31 March as turnover dwindled to pounds 3.7m (pounds 4.3m). Loss per share worsened to 2.9p (0.2p). No dividend.

CRT Group, provider of recruitment and training services, slumped from pounds 3.3m to pounds 532,000 pre-tax profit for the year to 30 April. It incurred a loss per share of 0.13p (EPS 4.22p). Total dividend is 3.25p (2.8p).

Trencherwood, the property developer, more than halved pre-tax profits from pounds 1.8m to pounds 859,000 in the six months to 30 April despite a sharp rise in turnover to pounds 9.7m (pounds 4.7m). EPS dropped to 1.03p (3.74p). No dividend.

Half-year to 30 June

Fairway Group, the printer and distributor of educational supplies, lifted pre-tax profits pounds 1.4m (pounds 1.1m). Turnover rose to pounds 24.5m (pounds 20.1m). EPS improved to 2.92p (2.3p). Dividend is 1.2p (1.1p).

Halkin Holdings, the brewer and licenced premises manager, turned around from pounds 1m taxable loss to pounds 1.25m pre-tax profit, following a surge in turnover to pounds 11.4m (pounds 300,000). EPS recovered to 2.46p (LPS 17.2p). No dividend.

Wyefield Group, maker of home furnishing products, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 131,000 (pounds 102,000). EPS 0.5p (0.6p). No dividend.