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Year to 31 March:

Amber Industrial edged pre-tax profits ahead to pounds 4.2m (pounds 4.1m). EPS 59.8p (67p). Final dividend 15.5p, making 22.5p (20p).

Banner Homes lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.4m (pounds 1.2m). Turnover pounds 17.2m (pounds 8.3m). EPS 4.9p (8.3p). Final dividend 0.7p, making 1.4p (1p).

Evans of Leeds increased pre-tax profits to pounds 10.7m (pounds 9.7m). EPS 6.3p (5.7p). Total dividend is 2.8p (2.5p).

Kalamazoo advanced to pounds 6.8m (pounds 6.4m) pre-tax profit. EPS 11.8p (10.2p). Dividend is 2.75p, making 3.75p (3.3p).

Philip Harris lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 2.3m (pounds 1.3m) as turnover passed pounds 100m. EPS 14.41p (8.10p). Final dividend 4.9p, making 7.1p (6.85p).

Prior fell to pounds 549,000 (pounds 1.9m) pre-tax profit. EPS 0.17p (1.23p). Total dividend 0.1p.

Safeland boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 2.1m (pounds 925,000). EPS 5.43p (2.93p). Final dividend is 1.14p, making 2p (1.39p).


Debenham Tewson & Chinnocks' pre-tax profits fell to pounds 3.65m (pounds 4.1m) in the year to 30 April. EPS 5.43p (6.17p). Final dividend 2p, making 3.5p (same).

Porvair achieved pounds 1.3m (pounds 1m) pre-tax profit in the six months to 31 May. EPS 5.8p (4.5p). Dividend 1.8p.