Company News in Brief

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Sirdar (textiles) made pounds 5.6m ( pounds 5.7m) in the full year. EPS 6.9p (unchanged). Dividend 5.4p (unchanged).

British Mohair (textiles) made pounds 1.37m (907,000). EPS 6.81p (4.48p). Dividend 1.4p.

Computerised Financial Solutions (support services) made pounds 36,000 ( pounds 77,000). Loss per share 1.4p (1.5p loss).

British Fittings (stockholding) made pounds 1.1m ( pounds 672,000). Dividend 1p (0.75p).

Folkes (property) made pounds 1.3m ( pounds 200,000). Dividend 0.6p.

S&U (financial) made pounds 2.6m ( pounds 2.3m). Dividend 3p (2.6p).

Independent Insurance (financial) made pounds 10.1m ( pounds 4.3m). Dividend 4p (3.5p).

Rutland Trust (financial) made pounds 4.5m ( pounds 3.6m). Dividend 0.3p (0.27p).

Proudfoot (consultancy) made pounds 6.4m ( pounds 5.5m). Dividend 2p (unchanged).

Barlows (property) made pounds 208,000 ( pounds 202,000). No dividend (same).

Beauford (engineering) made pounds 851,000 ( pounds 3.06m loss).

Kwik Fit (motors) made pounds 15.2m ( pounds 11.5m). Dividend 1.7p (1.5p).

Cala (housebuilding) made full year pounds 3.76m ( pounds 226,000). Dividend 2.8p (2.3p).

National Express (transport) made pounds 552,000 ( pounds 407,000 loss). Dividend 2.7p (2.5p).

Applied Distribution (transport) made pounds 1.63m ( pounds 1m). Dividend 1.3p (nil).

Swallowfield (household goods) made pounds 1.03m ( pounds 522,000). Dividend 2.7p (2.2p).

Bentalls (retail) made pounds 343,000 loss ( pounds 419,000 loss). Dividend 0.6p (unchanged).

Hawtal Whiting (support services) made pounds 1.6m ( pounds 402,000). Courtaulds Textiles pre-tax profits declined 36 per cent to pounds 10.1m.

Savoy Hotel does not pay interim dividends, as inadvertently stated in yesterday's edition.