Company News in Brief

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Dewhurst, the electronic control equipment maker, announced pre- tax profits 10 per cent higher at pounds 935,000 on turnover up to pounds 10.7m from pounds 9.1m. Continuing moribund activity in construction depressed profit margins from 9.3 to 8.8 per cent. Despite a 9 per cent increase in the total dividend to 2.06p, the voting shares were unchanged in price at 73p. The non-voting 'A' shares rose 1p to 73p.

Hawtin, the fitness equipment and associated products maker, building products distributor and property developer, yesterday announced a sharp jump in pre-tax profits from pounds 776,000 to pounds 2.2m for the year to 30 September. Earnings per share improved from 0.66p to 2.2p. Final dividend is 0.7p, making 0.95p, up from 0.89p previously.

PSIT, which changed its name in April last year and invests and deals in property and securities, returned a marked improvement in pre-tax profits from pounds 3.9m to pounds 5.4m in the six months to 30 September. Earnings per share worked out at 3p compared with 2.1p last time. Interim dividend is 1.75p (1.5p).

McMullen & Sons, the brewer, bottler and public house owner, revealed an 18 per cent rise in pre-tax profits to pounds 5.3m for the year to 30 September. Turnover slipped from pounds 32.9m to pounds 32.5m. Earnings per share improved to 0.735p (0.7p), while the total dividend for the year was up 0.7p to 0.735p.