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Embassy Property revealed a sharp turnaround from pounds 7.8m taxable loss to a pounds 1.25m pre-tax profit for year to end March 1993. EPS 2.3p (LPS 84.1p). No dividend.

Wholesale Fittings lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1m ( pounds 934,000) in the six months to 31 October. EPS 4.96p (4.4p). Dividend is held at 3.23p.

Six months to 30 September

Cathay International, the furniture distributor and property investor, incurred a pounds 457,000 ( pounds 149,000) taxable loss. LPS 0.086p (0.91p).

Cupid, the bridal wear, formal menswear and nursery products maker, deepened pre-tax losses from pounds 168,000 to pounds 456,000. LPS worsened to 1.7p (1.1p). There is no dividend.

Illingworth Morris, the yarn spinner, boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 797,000 ( pounds 437,000). Sales pounds 27m ( pounds 25.8m). EPS 1.1p (0.3p).

Markheath, the property developer, reduced pre-tax losses from pounds 4.7m to pounds 2.4m. Loss per share cut to 1.94p (4.03p).

SelecTV, the independent TV programmes supplier, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 614,000 ( pounds 287,000). Turnover pounds 13.7m ( pounds 6.3m). EPS 0.29p (0.19p). No dividend.

Wintrust, the merchant banker, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 1.2m ( pounds 1m). EPS 7.36p (5.53p). Dividend is 3.3p (3p).

Woolcombers lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.1m ( pounds 917,000). Sales pounds 13.3m ( pounds 11.9m). EPS 2.4p (1.8p).