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Year ended 31 December

J Billam, provider of engineering services for the aircraft and motor industries, slipped to pounds 385,000 ( pounds 479,000) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share fell from 20.1p to 16p. The total dividend to be paid out was maintained at 3.1p.

TF & JH Braime, the elevator components distributor, revealed lower pre-tax profits of pounds 544,000 ( pounds 583,000). Turnover edged up to pounds 6.85m ( pounds 6.5m). Earnings per share fell to 23.29p (26.69p). Final dividend is 6.5p, making a total unchanged at 8.75p.

Canadian Pizza, which makes pizza crusts for retailers and caterers and also frozen pizza, increased pre-tax profits from pounds 2.7m to pounds 3.2m on pounds 17.9m sales, up from pounds 15.2m. Earnings per share are 12.9p. Total dividend is 3.6p.

Capita Group, the management consultancy group, reported a 24 per cent increase in pre-tax profits from pounds 4.4m to pounds 5.5m, helped by a 53 per cent boost in turnover to pounds 47.05m. Earnings per share are 7.9p (6.4p). Final dividend is 1.7p, making 2.55p (2.1p).

Computer People, the computer users consultancy group, announced a sharp rise in pre-tax profits from pounds 145,000 to pounds 1.1m, despite showing a modest growth in turnover from pounds 62.7m to pounds 68.7m. Earnings per share are 4.37p (loss 0.97p). Final dividend is 1.5p.

Corporate Services, the employment services group, has recovered from pounds 1.55m taxable loss to pounds 877,000 pre-tax profit. It was achieved on a 35 per cent growth in turnover to pounds 42.1m. There was a return of earnings per share to 2.73p (Loss 5.04p). Total dividend is 0.25p.

Dixon Motors, the motor trader and leasing firm, came back from a pounds 10.9m taxable loss to a pounds 757,000 pre-tax profit. Turnover jumped from pounds 5.5m to pounds 40.1m. Earnings per share recovered to 10.4p (loss 28.7p). Final dividend is 1.5p, making 2.25p.

Lilleshall, the building products maker, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 3.9m ( pounds 3.1m) on pounds 60.5m ( pounds 52.1m) turnover. Earnings per share rose to 10p (9.2p). Final dividend is 1.85p, making 4.55p (4.25p).

Midland & Scottish Resources, provider of offshore production and services to the oil and gas industries, plunged deeper from pounds 1.9m to pounds 18.4m taxable loss, despite a boost in turnover to pounds 35.4m ( pounds 1.9m). Loss per share worsened from 0.93p to 9.12p. No dividend.


Select Industries, which makes non-pneumatic tyres, increased taxable losses to pounds 1m ( pounds 547,000) for the six months to 31 December. Loss per share is 0.45p (0.34p). There is no dividend.

SWP Group, specialist components maker for the construction industry, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 105,000 ( pounds 42,000) in the six months to 31 December. Earnings per share are 0.3p (0.1p). There is no dividend.

Tomorrows Leisure, the hotels and leisure centres group, deepened taxable losses from pounds 110,000 to pounds 204,000 in the six months to 31 January. Loss per share worsened to 1.7p (0.9p). No dividend.