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Haynes Publishing, which publishes car workshop manuals, returned higher pre-tax profits of pounds 1.5m ( pounds 1.1m) for the six months to 31 November. Turnover edged ahead to pounds 11.1m ( pounds 10.9m). Results were helped by the decision last year to cut its UK workforce by a quarter, which produced savings in wage costs amounting to pounds 1m. Further savings accrued from the elimination of freight costs when it began printing in the US, where it has a subsidiary. The dividend rose 40 per cent to 3.5p (2.5p).

Ewart, the property developer, lost pounds 259,741 before tax ( pounds 103,625 profit) in the six months to 31 October. It was handicapped by a pounds 279,000 exceptional charge fighting off Monarch, the dissident shareholder that has since sold its 29 per cent stake. No dividend.

CRT Group, provider of consultancy, recruitment and training services, revealed a sharp fall in pre-tax profits to pounds 689,000 ( pounds 2.6m) for the six months to 31 October. Despite a worsened earnings per share of 0.91p (3.47p), the half-year dividend was raised to 0.65p (0.57p).