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TJ Hughes, the discount stores operator, lifted pre-tax profits to pounds 1.5m ( pounds 1.1m) in the year to 31 January. Earnings per share are 5.2p (4.86p). Final dividend is 1.55p, making 2.3p (nil).

Year ended 31 December

Avonmore Foods improved pre-tax profits to Ir pounds 25m (Ir pounds 16.3m). Earnings per share 12.1p (10.8p). Final dividend is 1.85p, making 3.3p (3p).

BLP Group cut pre-tax losses sharply to pounds 559,000 ( pounds 14.8m). Loss per share dropped to 14.7p (215.1p).

Brake Bros made pounds 16m ( pounds 15.4m) pre- tax profit. Earnings per share 24.8p (23.8p). Total dividend 6.2p (5.75p).

Cliffords Foods made pounds 3.8m ( pounds 5.3m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 15.3p (22p). Final dividend is 7.1p, making 11.5p (same).

Culver Holdings made pounds 326,000 pre- tax profit ( pounds 130,000 26 weeks to 31 December). Earnings per share are 0.56p (0.29p). Total dividend is 0.2p (nil).

EBC Group fell to pounds 1.3m ( pounds 2m). Earnings per share 9.35p (12.2p). Final dividend is 2.25p, making 4p (8p).

Dunloe House deepened taxable losses to Ir pounds 3.4m (Ir pounds 1.05m). Loss per share worsened to 19.1p (4.1p).

Estates and General slumped to pounds 25.4m pre-tax loss (profit pounds 2.3m).

EW Fact eased to pounds 947,000 ( pounds 1m) pre- tax profit. Earnings per share 8.8p (10.5p). Total dividend held at 4.31p.

Le Creuset made pounds 3.6m ( pounds 3.3m) pre- tax profit. Earnings per share 15p (13.7p). Total dividend is 5.1p (4.3p).

Macfarlane Group rose to pounds 10.1m ( pounds 6.85m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 13.2p (8.97p). Final dividend is 2.9p, making 4.78p (4.24p).

Nestor-BNA fell to pounds 4.2m ( pounds 5.3m) pre-tax profit. Earnings per share 4.3p (5.8p). Total dividend held at 3.15p.

Rhino Group made pounds 154,000 pre-tax profit (loss pounds 89,000). Earnings per share 0.45p (loss 0.24p). No dividend.

Servomex raised pre-tax profits to pounds 2.1m (2m). Earnings per share 14.1p (13.8p). Total dividend 5.9p (5.7p).

Philip Harris will raise pounds 5m in a one- for-three rights issue at 200p underwritten by Hambros Bank to help reduce pounds 6.6m of debt.

Six months to 31 December

Allied London Properties lifted pre- tax profits to pounds 2.9m ( pounds 2.6m). Earnings per share are 2p (1.7p). Interim dividend is held at 1.075p.

Lloyd Thompson Group increased pre-tax profits to pounds 8.2m ( pounds 6.7m). Earnings per share 7.02p (5.7p). Interim dividend is 2p (1.65p).