Company News in Brief (CORRECTED)

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Half-year to 30 June

Trans World Communications, the commercial radio group, made a pre-tax profit of pounds 395,000 (pounds 1.1m) on a 9 per cent rise in turnover to pounds 5.7m (pounds 5.2m).

Vinten Group, maker of video and photographic systems, suffered a fall in pre-tax profits from pounds 4.7m to pounds 4.3m (pounds 4.7m) pre-tax profit, on sales of pounds 36.4m (pounds 31.2m). The rise in sales was helped by the contribution from Bexel, which was bought late last year. Dividend is raised to 1.9p (1.8p).

Barr & Wallace Arnold Trust, the motor and leisure company, fell to pounds 567,000 (pounds 838,000) pre-tax profit. Dividend is held at 3p.

Edmond Holdings, the housebuilder, slumped from pounds 856,000 pre-tax profit to a pounds 22,000 pre-tax loss. Dividend is 0.35p (0.65p).

Hawthorn Leslie Group, the electronic goods and toys maker, climbed from a pounds 9.5m pre-tax loss to pre-tax profits of pounds 434,000. Sales fell from pounds 66.8m to pounds 25.9m.

Thomas Jourdan, the consumer goods manufacturer, deepened pre-tax losses to pounds 874,000 (loss pounds 595,000), hit by a 20 per cent decline in turnover to pounds 8.9m. Interim dividend held at 0.5p.

Nestor-BNA, the provider of specialist healthcare services in the UK and US, eased to pounds 2.1m (pounds 2.4m). Dividend held at 1.15p.


Armour Trust, maker of confectionery and motor car components, saw pre-tax profits fall from pounds 1.5m to pounds 1.46m on sales up nearly 10 per cent to pounds 22.2m, helped by automotive acquisitions. Final is 1.17p (1.12p), making 1.49p (1.42p).


The commercial radio group Trans World Communications climbed from a pounds 1.1m loss to make a pounds 395,000 pre-tax profit for the half-year to June and not as reported on 4 September.