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Name Turnover (pounds ) Pre-tax (pounds ) EPS Dividend Pay day X-div

Amco Corporation (F) 151.951m (151.090m) 1.046m (3.644m) 8p (22.1p) 7p (7p) 01.07.99 tba

Horace Clarkson (F) 28.4m (33.1m) 2m (3.2m) 7.94p (9.07p) 4p (-) 25.06.99 07.06.99

Hall Engineering (Holdings) (F) 266.69m (209.96m) 14.64m (18.28m) 22.05p (28.55p) 10.40p (10.40p) 28.05.99 26.04.99

Henlys Group (F) 423.65m (507.42m) 30.68m (21.51m) 38.4p (21.3p) 18p (-) 26.04.99 -

Hydro International (F) 3.58m (3.53m) 0.036m (0.031m) 0.27p (0.23p) - (-) - -

Merivale Moore (I) 2.518m (0.489m) 0.692m (2.077m) 2.94p (11.95p) 1p (0.75p) 23.04.99 29.03.99

Moorfield Estates (F) 10.550m (10.061m) 2.209m (2.035m) 1.08p (1.12p) 0.33p (-- 21.05.99 29.03.99

Northern Recruitment (I) 13.086m (7.072m) 1.402m (1.001m) 5.4p (4.5p) 0.68p (-) 07.05.99 06.04.99

Perry Group (F) 510.02m (517.5m) 8.57m (10.05m) 22.7p (25.6p) 9.5p (9.5p) 01.07.99 24.05.99

Charles Taylor Group (F) 34.570m (22.324m) 3.998m (3.375m) 8.7p (9p) 5.06p (4.6p) 21.05.99 19.04.99

(F) - Final (I) - Interim