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Name Turnover (pounds ) Pre-tax (pounds ) EPS Dividend Pay day X-div

Bell Group (I) 19.11m (15.99m) 2.67m (1.55m) 3.58p (2.67p) 0.66p (-) 22.10.99 27.09.99

Benchmark Group (F) - (-) 15.1m (19.7m) 10.9p (13.0p) 3.75p (3.5p) 05.11.99 27.09.99

Community Hospitals Grp. (F) 113.90m (85.57m) 17.61m (15.45m) 34.2p (29.9p) 9.6p (-) 26.11.99 01.11.99

CA Coutts Holdings (I) 14.70m (13.65m) 0.063m (0.660m) 0.4p (3.9p) 1.1p (1.0p) 22.10.99 27.09.99

Dowding & Mills (F 125.01m (121.57m) 11.66m (8.30m) 4.87p (1.93p) 3.46p (3.30p) 28.10.99 27.09.99

Haden Maclellan Hldgs. (I) 220.9m (265.7m) 8.6m (0.200m) 7.4p (-2.0p) nil (1.4p) - -

Lands Improvements Hldgs. (I) 5.14m (4.91m) 1.23m (0.493m) 3.83p (1.42p) 1.84p (1.75p) 29.10.99 27.09.99

Manganese Bronze Hldgs. (F) 118.18m (114.97m) 3.5m (5.0m) 13.25p (19.32p) 10.5p (10.5p) 01.12.99 27.09.99

Mayborn Group (I) 26.74m (26.31m) 1.33m (1.26m) 4.2p (3.9p) 1.3p (1.7p) 05.11.99 04.10.99

News Comms. & Media (F) 139.13m (127.86m) 20.55m (23.98m) 60.4p (*76.3p) 20.0p (17.5p) 12.11.99 27.09.99

Parkwood Hldgs. (I) 17.44m (14.96m) 0.343m (0.325m) 1.05p (1.05p) 0.7p (0.6p) 22.10.99 27.09.99

Peptide Therapeutics Grp. (I) 1.24m (0.321m) -4.6m (-4.27m) -8.6p (-11.8p) nil

Policy Master Group (I) 7.72m (5.05m) 0.500m (0.164m) 3.51p (1.32p) 1.0p (nil) 29.10.99 27.09.99

The Roxboro Group (I) 60.4m (59.3m) 7.46m (8.96m) 8.9p (10.8p) 2.8p (2.6p) 27.10.99 27.09.99

Systems International Grp. (F) 17.05m (12.37m) 2.31m (1.57m) 4.78p (3.13p) 0.2p (-) tba tba

T&S Stores (I) 348.72m (323.25m) 12.1m (10.8m) 11.19p (10.13p) 3.9p (3.6p) 05.11.99 01.11.99

Unite Group (I) 4.53m (2.03m) 0.456m (0.457m) 2.2p (1.4p) nil (-) - -

(F) - Final (I) - Interim * - Restated tba - to be arranged