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Name Turnover (pounds ) Pre-tax (pounds ) EPS Dividend Pay day Ex-Dividend

Anglo Pacific Group (I) 2.32m (1.69m) 0.509m (0.029m) 0.32p (-0.21p) nil (-) - -

Autologic (I) 54.09m (40.87m) 5.74m (4.26m) 14.63p (16.28p) 2.75p (nil) 02.11.98 -

Card Clear (I) 13.58m (3.11m) 1.15m (0.80m) 0.51p (0.76p) 0.115p (0.1p) 23.10.98 28.09.98

Fut. Integrated Telephony (F)8.43m (4.9m) -1.38m (-0.54m) -12.18p (-5.42p)- (-) - -

ITE Group (I) 21.2m (8.62m) 7.53m (-0.089m) 5.1p (-0.39p) 0.45p (-) 30.09.98 01.09.98

LLP Group (I) 25.34m (22.27m) 0.998m (0.974m) 2.01p (2.96p) 1.7p (1.57p) 30.11.98 26.10.98

Quarto Group (I) 33.76m (32.59m) 0.907m (0.521m) 1.1p (0.1p) 2.2p (2.2p) - -

Severfield-Reeve (I) 64.13m (52.27m) 5.14m (3.89m) 18.04p (13.36p) 5.0p (3.75p) 30.10.98 28.09.98

Ugland International (I) 44.91m (47.27m) 10.996m (6.205m) 7.94p (4.59p) 2.04p (2.0p) 03.11.98 28.09.98

Waste Recycling (I) 23.46m (10.77m) 5.25m (2.48m) 7.0p (4.7p) 0.8p (0.6p) 04.09.98 24.08.98

WPP Group (I) 3.84b (3.44b) 93.8m (78.3m) 8.4p (7.0p) 0.84p (0.7p) 23.11.98 19.10.98

(F) - Final (I) - Interim (N) - Nine Mnth EPS is pre-exceptionals *Dividend to be paid as a FID