Company Results

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Turnover pounds Pre-tax pounds EPS Dividend

Barclays (F) - (-) 2.08bn (1.86bn) 83.6p (72.4p) 26p (21p)

Capita Group (F) 87.0m (73.8m) 9.42m (7.9m) 11.8p (9.8p) 3.9p (3.3p)

Domnick Hunter (F) 44.2m (36.7m) 7.2m (5.62m) 14.53p (10.35p) 6p (5p)

HTV Group (F) 135m (122m) 12.1m (7.3m) 10.5p (6.8p) 3.75p (2.25p)

Pifco Holdings (I) 21.3m (19.7m) 1.58m (1.4m) 8.8p (8.3p) 2.3p (2.1p)

William Sinclair (I) 18.5m (17.9m) 1.76m (1.49m) 5.4p (4.6p) 1.9p (1.8p)

Telegraph (F) 255m (252m) 35.5m (45m) 17.3p (23.4p) 13p (13p)

(F) - Final (I) - Interim (N) - Nine months