Company Results

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Turnover pounds P/Tax pounds EPS Dividend

AG Barr (I) 41.4m(40.1m) 1.8m (2.2m) 6.37p (7.82p) 2p (2p)

Break For The Border (F) 10.95m (4.2m) 1m (402,000) 5.28p (2.88p) 1.15p (0.34p)

Border Television (F) 11.6m (9.9m) 1.9m (1.6m) 12.6p (12p) 2.9p (2.1p)

Carclo Engineering (F) 145.9m (118.8m) 16.7m (12.9m) 18.8p (15.7p) 6.8p (5.8p)

Calluna (F) 991,000 (301,000) -2.2m (-1.7m) -4.4p (-18.1p) - (-)

Continental Foods (F) 23.7m (6.2m) 1.5m (364,000) 11p (7.5p) 2.5p (-)

Ellis & Everard (F) 513.5m (426.1m) 13.3m (15.9m) 8.9p (13.4p) 5.7p (4.9p)

Kenwood Appliances (F) 142.4m (120.4m) 13.5m (11m) 22.4p (20.1p) 6.75p (5.50p)

Low & Bonar (I) 218.9m (201.2m) 24.8m (20.4m) 16.71p (13.59p) 3.6p (3.2p)

Marling Industries (F) 64.4m (55.1m) 3.5m (743,000m) 0.85p (-0.13p) 0.57p (0.52p)

Harry Ramsden's (I) 1.55m (1.4m) 129,000 (102,000) 1p (0.8p) 1p (1p)

Tomkins (F) 3.7bn (3.2bn) 303m (257.1m) 17.92p (15.61p) 6.22p (4.95p)

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