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Turnover pounds Pre-tax pounds EPS Dividend

Billston & Battersea (I) 2.62m (2.49m) 0.035m (0.033m) 0.2p (0.1p) nil (nil)

Blagden Inds (I) 124 (114m) 4.2m (0.8m) 3.7p (nil) nil (nil)

Cantab Pharm (I) 0.17m (0.42m) -3.54m (-1.85m) -0.36p (-0.19p) nil (nil)

E Green (F) 7.95m (7.37m) 0.35m (0.42m) 2.3p (3.6p) 5.1p (6p)

Hampden (I) 18.2m (16.5m) 0.54m (0.21m) 2.43p (0.93p) 0.5p (0.2p)

IoM Steam (I) 13.7m (12.5m) -0.11m (1.18m) 0.04p (3.48p) 1.75p (1.75p)

Mayborn Group (I) 21.8m (18.9m) 2.59m (2.06m) 8.8p (7p) 2.25p (2p)

More O'Ferrall (I) 39.4m (33.8m) 4.65m (2.81m) 9.3p (5.7p) 3.4p (3.2p)

MTL Instruments (I) 17.3m (14.0m) 2.56m (2.41m) 9p (8.6p) 2p (1.9p)

Spandex (I) 42.7m (33.9m) 4.0m (3.25m) 7.7p (6.3p) 1p (0.75p)

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