Docklands extension to airport

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THE Docklands Light Railway (DLR), the only train service between the City of London and Docklands, is planning to build a new pounds 30m link to London City Airport, writes Randeep Ramesh.

The proposal involves laying a new set of tracks to run for "less than a mile" from an existing station at Prince Regent straight to the terminal, which is sited on the Royal Albert Dock in east London. DLR managers claim that the route, would require no public subsidy -being paid for by the extra revenues generated. Executives say the new link would see an extra 1 million passengers using the railway.

"We are working on the business case at the moment," said Ian Brown, the DLR's chief executive. "It has clear regenerative effects and will also do much to relieve congestion."

Mr Brown also confirmed that the plans had been discussed with John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister. The railway - which was dogged by signalling problems when it first opened - is now proving popular. It carried 21 million passengers last year, with turnover now topping pounds 14m.