Eurocamp gains ground

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EUROCAMP'S self-drive European camping holidays have attracted a 15 per cent increase in bookings as traditional packages continue to lose popularity.

Pre-tax losses in the slack winter months to the end of April eased pounds 300,000 to pounds 4.9m. Turnover at pounds 450,000 was up nearly pounds 300,000. Net borrowings were pounds 2.5m. The interim dividend of 3.45p is 15 per cent up on that projected at flotation last year.

In 1990-91, pre-tax profits were pounds 6.9m on turnover of pounds 49m. Eurocamp has already received over 95 per cent of anticipated bookings for this season. Unlike traditional package tour operators, it books to order, avoiding unused capacity.

'Market trends away from packages are no guarantee of success, but one reason why our market has developed well . . . is that people are looking for more flexibility,' said Richard Atkinson, managing director.

Eurocamp, which specialises in French holidays, said clients were not badly affected by the lorry drivers' action.