Go Higher: A complete guide to higher education

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OVER THE next six editions, Go Higher will concentrate on specific areas of higher education to help you make the right decisions.


3 October 1999

Student life is NOT a cushy number. What it will cost...

Student survival kit

10 October 1999

You won't just get an academic education at college. You'll grow up fast and face a lot of daunting problems. Hoe to keep body and soul together.

Study skills

17 October 1999

You won't go anywhere if you don't make the grade. A guide to study skills.

Gap years

24 October 1999

Why go headfirst into a degree? Why not make a detour to wonderful countries, or make yourself useful doing voluntary work. The benefits of taking a year off before starting your course.

Mature students

31 October 1999

There is now greater diversity in the universities, colleges and courses available, and also in the students who apply. It is never too late for anyone to apply for higher education and find a course which could change your life.

Graduate employment

7 November 1999

University or college years are some of the best years of your life. But once they're over, where do you once you've got your hard-earned degree? How to apply for the job you long for after graduating and where to start looking for it.