Gorbachev arrives in Aberdeen to start six-day British lecture tour

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MIKHAIL GORBACHEV, the former Soviet president, arriving at Aberdeen airport last night to begin a six-day visit to Britain.

Mr Gorbachev told a press conference at the airport that next weekend's Russian elections would result in a 'very fragmented', and probably short-lived, parliament. He urged his country's government to intervene more in the economy, warning that the policies of recent years could collapse and endanger the drive to democratic reform.

He said a selective industrial policy was necessary: 'I remember that when in the UK the problem of inefficient industries first appeared, the Thatcher government adopted a plan . . . to deal with the position of inefficient industries and how to modernise them, and at the same time what to do with the people affected. It is very important to take care of people affected by modernisation, bankruptcies and closures.'

Mr Gorbachev is to have talks with Baroness Thatcher and John Major, and will be presented with honours in several British cities.

His wife, Raisa, is accompanying him, despite what he called 'some health problems'.

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