Harland boss 'absent from company for weeks'

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JOHN REDSHAW, managing director of Harland Simon, the troubled control systems group, has been absent from the company for some weeks, sources said yesterday.

Although Mr Redshaw is thought to have attended a meeting of directors at Harland's Milton Keynes headquarters yesterday, sources claim that he has in effect left the company.

Mr Redshaw is believed to be in dispute with the company over his expenses.

Mr Redshaw brought controversy upon Harland Simon in July when the Independent reported him to be a 50 per cent shareholder in a private company, run by his father-in-law, that was doing building work for Harland.

Harland denied the accuracy of the Companies House records. It said it was satisfied Mr Redshaw had never been a shareholder in Industrial Radiographic, his wife Sharron had never been a director and neither had any financial interest in the firm. The Independent has since seen an Industrial Radiographic invoice naming Mr Redshaw as a director.

Over the past three months Industrial Radiographic has filed two sets of accounts for each of its latest two financial years.

The two versions are virtually identical except that Mrs Redshaw is no longer named as a director and secretary in the amended version received by Companies House in August.

The other key change is that in the earlier version there is a reference to pounds 10,000 that Industrial Radiographic owes to the loan account of J Redshaw. In the later version the same amount is classified as 'other loans'.

Mrs Redshaw's mother also appears as the owner of Industrial Radiographic's second pounds 1 share - held by Mr Redshaw, according to the annual return in May.

Industrial Radiographic's auditors report that the company is dependent upon the support of its bankers, a Milton Keynes branch of Barclays.

Barclays is also banker to Harland Simon and plunged the quoted company into crisis earlier this month when it refused to release the pounds 8.1m proceeds from a disposal. Harland was forced to suspend its shares pending clarification of its position.