How landslide went down in the City

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`With this kind of majority we are looking at 10 years of socialism, not five'

James Dewhurst, equity salesman at Charterhouse Tilney

`The Labour party has reasonably reassured us that they are in the business of working with business'

Ruth Lea, head of policy at the Institute of Directors

`It is important that Gordon Brown understands the country as a whole is not experiencing a housing market boom, and the recovery of the market could be damaged by unnecessary increases in interest rates'

Roger Humber of the House Builders Federation

`We're not going to find that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have been pulling our legs about not increasing the tax burden for a couple of years'

Andrew Dilnot, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies

`In opposition, Tony Blair and his colleagues have been keen to seek the views of business and we now look forward to working with them in government to ensure the key messages are not lost'

Adair Turner, director general of the CBI

`There won't be any champagne. Most people will be looking for visas to work in other countries'

Nick Probert, chief trader, Bank of America