How the money is spent in war against cancer

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IT COSTS £16 million a year to run the 11 Marie Curie hospices which provide medical and nursing care for cancer patients, and another £2 million a year to support the scientists who are working at the Marie Curie Research Institute.

Out of every pound that is spent by Marie Curie Cancer Care, 70 pence goes to patient care, 20 pence goes to fundraising, 6 pence to research, 2 pence for education - and only 2 pence for administration.

If you would like further information about Marie Curie Cancer Care, or Daffodil Day, or would like to speak to someone about making a credit card donation, please call 0171-201 2363 (six telephone lines) today between 10am and 4pm.

If you would like to contact a Marie Curie nurse, please ask your district nurse or GP. No charge is made to patients or their families for the practical care that is provided by Marie Curie nurses.

For counselling, support and information about cancer, please write to BACUP (the British Association of Cancer United Patients), 3 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3JR.

BACUP is supported by Marie Curie Cancer Care.

You can write to Marie Curie Cancer Care at 28 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QG, or telephone 0171 235 3325.

Its registered charity number is 207994.