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Fletcher King, the property services provider, slumped from pounds 301,000 profit to pounds 1m taxable loss in year to 30 April. Turnover pounds 4.1m (pounds 4.9m). LPS 10.1p (EPS 2.1p). Total dividend 1p (1.5p).

Year to 31 March

Hicking Pentecost, makers of knitwear and pipeline products, increased pre-tax profits to pounds 4.5m (pounds 3.4m). Turnover virtually doubled to pounds 70.7m (pounds 35.4m). EPS 15.2p (same). Total dividend is 5.5p (4.6p).

JLI Group, supplier of food ingredients and services to the food industry, reduced pre-tax profits to pounds 3.6m (pounds 4.1m). EPS 6.4p (7.1p). Total dividend is 4.95p (4.8p).

Sterling Industries, the light engineering firm, boosted pre-tax profits to pounds 7.1m (pounds 4.7m). Turnover rose to pounds 58.3m (pounds 47m). EPS 17.33p (12.06p). Total dividend is 7.5p (6.3p).

Wellman reported turnaround from pounds 1.1m taxable loss to pounds 6.8m pre-tax profit. Turnover soared to pounds 86.6m (pounds 22.3m). EPS 5.3p (Lps 3.6p). Total dividend 1.6p (0.9p).

Six months to 31 March

Denmans Electrical, electrical goods maker and wholesaler, lifted pre- tax profits to pounds 1.7m (pounds 1.4m) on sales of pounds 27.4m (pounds 24.1m). EPS 26.25p (21.48p). Dividend 2.2p (2.1p).

Enviromed, diagnostic and monitoring devices maker, incurred pounds 4.9m taxable loss (profit pounds 1.4m). LPS 19.96p (EPS 5.13p). No dividend.