Investing in the Stock Market: Long-Term Recommendations

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Bridget Cleverly: "Taking a long term view, I would be looking to the Far East for the best growth potential, especially if using a regular savings plan. By investing on a regular basis, you iron out the ups and downs in the market. When looking at the UK, the specialist smaller company funds also have a lot of potential."


Ann Davis: "Japan and the Far East have been unfashionable but they are now showing signs of coming back to life."


Roger Cornick: "There are no bargains anymore but over the long term, Japan is attractive. All the bad news is already in the prices there, where the index has fallen from over 39,000 a decade ago to around 17,000 today. Also look at the rest of the Far East.

"Closer to home, demographic changes and the switchover from debt to equity financing makes mainland Europe attractive."


Stephen Glynn: "The UK and Europe will provide lots of opportunities for the long-term investor."