Leader of campaign at Lloyd's steps down

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ALFRED Doll-Steinberg, chairman of one of the largest action groups at the Lloyd's insurance market, tendered his resignation suddenly yesterday.

Mr Doll-Steinberg, 59, had been fighting for financial restitution for 1,500 underwriting members who have faced losses of up to pounds 700m on syndicates once managed by the Gooda Walker agency.

Mr Doll-Steinberg led a vigorous publicity campaign to pressure Lloyd's to provide financial help for the underwriting members. But his combative style dismayed the more moderate members who hoped to secure a negotiated deal with the Lloyd's authorities. He stood unsuccessfully for a place on Lloyd's ruling council.

A row erupted at the general meeting of the Gooda Walker action group last month as it emerged that Mr Doll-Steinberg and members of his committee were advancing a plan in which committee members might have secured up to pounds 300,000 each for themselves in the event of a successful outcome to any settlement.

Mr Doll-Steinberg was forced to abandon the plan but underwriting members in the group were unhappy that they appeared to be disunited.

According to a letter from the Gooda Walker action group committee, Mr Doll-Steinberg, a business consultant, wishes to reduce the amount of time he devotes 'to our affairs'. His resignation takes effect on 28 February.

He is succeeded by Michael Deeny, a concert promoter.